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These anorexia tumblrs need to go. People with serious eating disorders usually hide the fact that they’re starving themselves of the necessary nutrients their bodies need to grow and develop. You’re faulting it for the whole world to see like it’s cute for attention. It’s not cute. It’s sickening. You’re promoting bingeing and purging or starvation to young people cause society thinks being thin is what you should look like. It’s not okay. I don’t like going on here or twitter or Facebook and seeing young people saying they lied to their parents about what they had for dinner when in reality they didn’t eat because they’re still not thin enough. It makes me sick.

"Bitches on The Maury Show run so far backstage they end up on 106 & Park"
-(via dirtyxvans)

i hate being put second to fucking video games.

you know what sucks…

your boyfriend completely ignoring you for minecraft. 

I’m needy… give me attention.

oh and stop flirting with girls on xbox live like I can’t hear that shit.